Celtic Tutorial / Astuces

This game hasn't a goal that fixes when you've finished . Actually, it's never finished! Upgrade your village. Then, when you have enough peasants, go capture teritories to win gold, or attack other villages, but don't forget to protect yours, and face the dangers of Celtic Village!

In-game Screen

1-Menus' block :
It has 5 buttons :
- Peasants : Shows the details about your peasants.
- Buildings: See your buildings' evolution .
- Shop: Has things you can buy with your Gold Pieces
- Map: Allows you to fight versus other villages, or help you with the territories.
- ? : You can consult information about your current quest, display the year...

2. & 3. buildings:
-houses (2) : Upgrade them to have a better limit of your total peasants.

-buildings(3) : Upgrade them to increase their maximal stock, or make tools to get more peasants working here at once.

4. Gods' Statue :
- You can obtain some useful upgrading for your peasants, but it costs Gods' Points that are gained by praying.

5. Peasants :
- It displays the information about your peasants, like who is working at the wood...
To begin the Game :

First, click on a house, then "upgrade". It'll cost you 55 wood and stone (and more each time you upgrade), but it will also allow you to have another peasant.

Now, click on a woman peasant, then "Get a child". Congratulations, a baby is born! He or she will be able to work at his/her 14th birthday.
If you don't want an empty village, you have to feed your peasants and avoid curses.

In order to do this, send a man to the job of "Farmer", you must click him and then click "Farmer". Then, click a woman and click "Prayer", she will get Gods' Points and avoid curses. Send your last man on Lumberjacking or Stone Farmer to get more peasants by upgrading your houses when you have enough stock. Then, get another child, get resources, upgrade your buildings, then yor houses...

Okay, this sounds boring, I know... that's why I've added something else in the game : You must know... your village can't last alone... to avoid this, you must make blood flow and take over territories... show you're the best Celtic Player!

Now if you want to know what I'm talking about, register here and play!

If you have a technical problem, didn't understand something about the game or anything else, know that there's a big community of players ready to help you by Chat or the Forum.




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